What you need to know about writing a book

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November 8, 2018
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What you need to know about writing a book

Authoring and publishing a book can do wonders for launching a business.

You are providing knowledge and information to people. Also, a book is a low-ticket item for clients to get started with. It’s part of them developing trust in you.

Unfortunately, most people go about book writing the wrong way or for the wrong reasons. If you love writing and just want to write, then write! But if you’re looking to make money off of a book, then that’s a whole different game.

Here are four things you need to know before you even think of getting started on writing a book.

1. Don’t shift focus away from what you mainly do in order to write a book.

Potential authors tend to think, “I’ve got to have a front-end piece, and the book is a good idea, so I’m going to take a year off to write and then I’m really coming back strong.”

That’s dumb. Do you know how I know? Because I almost did that.

It put nothing but stress on me. Do you know what the writing was like? Crap. Why? Because it had to work right away because I was broke and wasn’t making any money.

Don’t put stress on yourself. Whatever you’ve got going, keep it going. Don’t quit your day job until you are financially free enough to do so.

2. There’s no such thing as spare time.

Find me someone who’s got spare time, and I’ll show you someone who’s got broke time.

There’s no such thing as spare time. You have to make the time for writing as if it’s another job, so you say, “Instead of a vacation this year, I’m going to do a book writing vacation.”

Or make Friday book writing day. Or on Wednesday’s, instead of watching four television programs, you watch two, and then you take two hours to write. Make quality use of your time and you can get this done in a reasonable amount of time while attending to your other responsibilities.

3. Writing a book is useless; selling a book is useful.

If writing a book is healing for you–if you simply enjoy writing, that’s great. Do it. But if you actually want to do something from a business side, writing a book is basically useless.

Selling a book is a whole different matter as far as being useful and effective. Writing is one skill; selling and marketing another. The beauty of it is, you can combine both no matter what field you’re in!

If you’re selling fricking lighting and furniture, write a book about that! You’ll be known as the expert and people will come to you to buy furniture and lighting. People want to do business with experts.

4. Test the Topic First.

Why don’t you start with something shorter and easy to market? Test whether people like and want what you have to offer with an e-book, for example.

Instead of writing a 180 or a 250-page book and speculating on whether or not it would sell, why don’t you start with a 25-page report and try to sell that for $5, $10 or $20?

If your report can’t sell speaking and coaching, for example, then guess what? Your e-book and your book won’t either. You might as well start with something you can write in one freaking night and market tomorrow instead of a year and a half of fooling around, writing a book, and getting a publisher to find out you can’t sell it and nobody buys off of it anyway.

This advice isn’t meant to discourage, for example, purely creative writers from pursuing an ambition to make lots of money off of that. Most of these principles still apply.

Still, you don’t indeed have to be the next Stephen King in order to get stuff out there now no matter what business you’re in. Just do a little thinking and planning before you start something that could end up being a waste of time, effort, and money.

Do you have experience in writing that sold? What kinds of ideas can you or have you come up with to use written material as tools to promote or sell your business or service? Any successful (or even semi-successful) creative writers out there? What’s your experience in that area financially speaking?

Share your stories…we want to hear from you!

From harveker.com (By T Harv Eker)

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