Book Publishing

Write. Publish. Write Again!


Do you know how the world’s greatest writers got started?

They sat down. They wrote.

Writing comes naturally to some, it’s a grind for others – either way, there is an end result, a volume of work that’s on your desktop or your laptop, waiting to be published. There is a story that wants out, that wants to be told. The world wants to read your story… there are 3 billion active readers on planet earth.

In the old days, you had to deliver your stacked manuscript, double-spaced, to the publisher of your choice for a read-through and (if you were very good, very lucky or knew someone), approval, a small royalty deal (up to 15% of net sales revenue) and marketing. The process (if you were very good, very lucky or knew someone), could take up to 18 months.

It’s just as hard today – the difference is that everyone now knows that the major publishers have stopped wasting time. They screen your phone calls or your contacting mails and again (if you are very good, very lucky or know someone at the publishing house), you’ll get your work published at a small royalty deal of between 7.5 and 15% of net sales. Your chances of getting in are slim, your chances of getting rich are even worse!

The Wordslingers Deal

We will accept fictional manuscripts from new and established writers, and we offer you a publishing deal of 40-50%!  Each deal will be structured to suit, and subject to a small and reasonable fee for basic editing and layout, including typesetting and cover design.

The rest is a royalty share – the more we sell, the more we both secure in royalties from book outlets the world over.

We will, within all reasonable limits, accept ALL manuscripts for a publishing deal, and we will do the work for you. But please, guys, don’t waste our time with poorly written work full of spelling errors. We will furnish you with an answer per manuscript submitted and no correspondence thereafter if, by chance, we don’t accept the work.

You will get:

  • Your book edited, designed and laid out, with internationally valid bar code. (It is not our intention to edit your work to shreds, it is your work after all. We have to adhere, however, to certain publishing standards. If you can’t write, don’t submit!)
  • Your book will be available on the massive network worldwide, within 10-14 days. Anybody, anywhere in the world, can order it. Postage/delivery for buyers’ account
  • You can order copies of your book on demand – from 1 copy to 100,000 or more.
  • We will market the book for you.
  • We will collect your audited royalties worldwide, subject to tax and after import cost deductions.
  • In South Africa, your book will be available via Red Pepper online.
  • Selected books will be made available in major bookstores.
  • You determine your cover price
  • Your overseas royalties are collected in USD, GBP and EURO.
  • Wordslingers share a royalty deal with you, for a minimum contracted period of three years.
  • You maintain copyright of your work at all times.
  • You can do personal marketing, including offers to your friends and family. We will make publishers’ copies available at a reduced cost.

SUBMIT YOUR MANUSCRIPTS TO  Please ensure the manuscript is in MS Word Document, SINGLE spaced.  Include a short cover mail with your contact details.

All published manuscripts will be considered for the WS Fiction Awards.

We accept work in English or Afrikaans.